Monday, April 28, 2008


What is the Crazy Cycle?? Well, it is what we live everyday, at least what I live everyday. Trying to keep up and usually doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time - that is the definition of insanity, isn't it?.

Daily, I thank my Saviour, Jesus Christ, for the opportunity to be a stay at home mother of 2 kids. DD 12 and DS 7. Married to my first husband for 17 years (18 in June), this one is working out, so far - I do not think I will need a second husband :o}

Each day I try to teach my children at home - it does not always happen. Well, they learn something but not always from a text book and I am OK with that. We live on a farm that we share with my parents and yes, that is working out well. We have chickens and raise blueberries, blackberries for pick your own and a garden for us. My parents have just gotten started with an Apiary (beekeeping) DD and DS are so interested, I never would have thunk it. We would like to get a few sheep for milking (as my DS has dairy issues) but not this year.

We try to live a fairly green life. I am learning new things all the time that I have been doing badly for myself, family and for the great Earth that God had created for us to enjoy. I was taught that when someone gives you a gift you should take care of it - well, the Earth and all that God created IS a gift and we should be taking better care of it. Later on I will post on the steps we have taken to do things differently. For now this is just a little note to say, "Hello" and to get out there in the bloggosphere (sp?).

I must thank my friend Amy at Sonshine Cottage for spurring me on to do a guest post on her blog - So I thought I would start my own. There are loads of things I must learn when blogging, like how to link to something and include neat little things here and there. But for now - this is my Hello.

Please be kind with any comments as this is a G rated blog. Our goal is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, so let's keep our comments in that light.