Friday, September 12, 2008

CRAZY commercials

Two commercials have just struck me in two very different ways.

Commercial #1: (Imagine birds chirping, sun shining, soft breeze blowing) Loving couple having a picnic in the park. She offers him a red popsicle and says, "Take a bite". He responds, "I thought you loved me?" Her reply,"Then take 2 bites". He questions her again,"But it has high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)in it(he doesn't mention the Red Dye #40), you know what that does." She reassures him,"Oh, HFCS is made from corn--that's a vegetable.(duh!) It is just as sweet as sugar and is good for you ." *******************Whoa....Wait a minute.
Did she just say that HFCS was GOOD for the man she loves???

OK, maybe I am just over reacting because our Sunday School lesson for this week is about Adam and Eve and how Eve succumbed to the tempting of Satan and then she "lovingly" shared with Adam. Am I so "off" as to see the similarity between these two examples of what women do wrong?? When will we see the commercial of this woman blaming her guy for the fact that she is overweight, diabetic and her body is riddled with fungus???????????????~~~~~~~~~~Hummmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~This is me breathing out and breathing in~~~~~~Hummmmmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~
Commercial #2: (Imagine sinister music playing, dark, shadowy city streets, car horns honking, evil lurking in every corner, comic book style images) A young man in a hooded sweatshirt approaches an intersection where stands an elderly woman. It appears that he is going to snatch her purse.....BUT(remember, Behold the Underlying Truth) a stream of blood red hearts comes flowing across the screen and envelopes the youth, he takes the woman's heavy grocery bag and assists her across the street. Another scene unfolds, two drivers vie for the same parking space, tempers flare, horns blow, angry faces made to each other. Again, the blood red hearts flow across the screen and envelopes one of the drivers and he allows the other to take the parking place. Then the driver who had received the kindness of the other driver finally returns home ragged and disheveled, weary and tired. Opens the door of his abode and finds his kids fighting and the poor mother (at her wits end, can I get a witness????) trying to defuse the situation. Just when you think the dad is going to explode, here come those red hearts across the screen. Peace is restored and they (you assume) have a great evening together as a family.
Now, each time the "blood red hearts" flow across the screen a song is sung about how we need more of God's love.*******************
What, more of God's love???? I am thinking it is a Latter Day St's commercial--but no. It is an Interstate Battery commercial. Go and check this one out. It is so cool. chairman presents the gospel and then has another link guiding folks to accept Christ. Wow, what a blessing.
Notice how each commercial starts. The one singing the praises of HFCS starts off with the happy, loving couple---all is right with the world, yet it's message is to assure you that it's OK to eat HFCS and lots of it. Sneaky, sly and just plain wrong. The other commercial starts off dark and sinister, yet produces a message full of hope and love.
God bless those at Interstate Battery, for spreading the Good News in a time of internal strife and mass hatetred. God bless them for sticking their necks out for the cause of Christ.

Lord, increase my boldness. Thank you for assisting me in the desire to spread your word. Thank you for putting it in my heart to spend more time in your word and to develop an stronger and deeper understanding of your word.

Just a quick side note: As I was publishing this post, my hubby called me to tell me of a strange thing happening in our closest town. Apparently, because of hurricane Ike, it has been reported that gas prices will jump to $5.50 per gallon for regular unleaded. Folks are lined up at all of the gas stations in town, blocking Main Street and then he saw a fight brake out between two guys in line. We really do need more of God's love pouring out on others. Please, take this time to pray for those emergency workers and government staffers whose duty it is to stay behind and make sure that peace is held and to assist those who did not heed the warnings to leave. Pray for those whose nerves are frazzled and are anxious.


Rachel said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Jessica! I spent so much time making that dress, I must wear it, but I want to at least look cute!
Thanks for your post--there's alot of food for thought. I think disasters can either bring out the best or the worst in people, depending on where their hearts are.

Amy said...

Haven't seen either commercial yet.

Saturday as I was heading into the big city, I passed several stores that were out of gas--they caught my eye as their prices were so much lower. Passed Foster's and they were $4.69 and then at Sheetz it was $3.69! Something wrong with that for sure! Sheetz got my business.

The news says its because drivers got paranoid about possible price hikes and shortages due to Ike, driving up demand. I say we weren't able to change those prices ourselves!