Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's So Cool

Well, today is the day. Our new fridge arrives. We ended up getting the side by side, my wish to get one made in the USA did not happen - we got a Samsung. There are so many choices out there one could get bogged down in the search. Let me begin by praising my dear sweet hubby, in that he spent the WHOLE day with me looking at refrigerators. We had such a good time. No, REALLY!!!! What a blessing it was, my mom & dad kept the kids and we just had the whole day to shop and be together. He took me out to lunch to a place that has been in operation in my hometown since 1958. It was a place I had never been before - he could not believe it, especially since he did not grow up in my hometown - just his college dayz :o}. Maybe , that is why I had never been there - my folks were VERY protective - thanks Mom & Dad!!!! But anyway, it is a neat place - I would not go there after 3:00 PM - it is a bit of a pool hall --- BUT, it had the best cheeseburgers & the most incredible french fries. You could tell the FF were home made because, they were wedge cut and not in a regular, cookie cutter style and deep fried to their crispy perfection. I felt like we were dating again :o} You know me, I am all about the food.

We ended up going to 5 different stores and yes, we went back to the first store and bought the fridge. I will say there were some really cool fridges out there. Sears had one that had the temperature gauges on the outside of the door - which looked really cool and I thought would be handy. It kinda looked like you were in an airplane or on a submarine, but that is not the one we got. The Maytag French Door style looked good BUT (Behold the Underlying Truth) the metal slider supports for the pullout freezer drawer had little rusty spots on it, in every store - I would stay clear of those. While we are on the subject of French Door styles, let me just say, I do not think that they are all that they are cracked up to be. Don't get me wrong, they look way cool, but I think that the freezer drawer will end up like your sock drawer - what is really at the bottom of it??? And, they do not have adequate lighting. I was impressed with the Electrolux side by side - it was like waiting for a show to begin - the lights come on dim at first and then get brighter - maybe takes 3-4 seconds, these also had pull out bins in the freezer for easy access - a feature that the one we purchased has - but is was not worth the extra $500.00 for the bins to be on slide out arms (like some kitchen cabinet drawers) for the Electrolux. All in all, most are the same (probably made by the same manufacturer under different names). We stayed clear of GE since they are getting out of the appliance business and replacement parts would be difficult to procure.

Some say that Samsung is a new company to the appliance world and have not proven themselves, but hubby said that they have received the JD Power & Assoc. award for excellence and he thought that it was a good model (I liked the pull out bins). The best thing of all is that it is a shinny black fridge and it is like looking into a mirror when standing in front of it - and it makes you look 10 sizes smaller!!!!! Yes, I looked like I was a size 6 instead of a 16 - Woo Hoo!!! Can I still justify getting the ice cream, since I look so much slimmer? Nah!!

Now, I am cleaning out the old one and prepping the spot where the new one will go - who knew that you are suppose to clean out behind the fridge every 6 months or so - behind our fridge had not seen the light of day in 4 years --- EEEWWWW!!!!! Hey, there are lots of GEO-MAGS back here - my son will be thrilled!!!!!

Will post later on how well we like it.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting! I'm always flattered when people stumble across my blog.
I enjoyed reading up on your blog, too. That's a healthy marriage, when you can spend a day appliance shopping and enjoy each other's company! My honey is eying a motorcycle, too, and I'm constantly biting my tongue!