Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Motocycle Meets the Crazy Cycle

Let me share a bit of background, when I first met "That Man" I knew that his parents had gotten him a dirt bike when he was 12 and he had ridden something that was motorized and only two wheeled ever since. Even after a 16 yr old pulled out in front of him and he slid under that station wagon and was dragged 100 yards and spent 10 days in ICU, he got one of his buddies to take him to buy a new bike ---
BUT (remember : "Behold the Underlying Truth")
After we were engaged, he sold his bike. (Imagine soft serene music playing) Naturally, I took this as a sign of maturity, love and devotion to family -------but what did I know. Now 20 years later he has gotten another one.

Hoo, boy! What can I say??? I was shocked? Surprised? Stunned?

One week from today I will have been married to "That Man" for 18 years. I am not surprised at anything he does, but this one got me. Not so much as that he actually got a motorcycle, but that I did not HIT THE ROOF!!!!! Normally, I am quite --uummm, opinionated and this time I just quietly sat back, did not say much and accepted the fact that my first husband has just bought a motorcycle. (Renae & Missy, you are setting the bar REALLY high for us to follow along behind you :o}) Now, I must admit he got a GREAT deal on it and it is a sweet ride. And, I must admit we really had a great time ridding together when he had one while we were dating (My dad now tells me that ignorance was bliss - in that he did not know I rode with "That Man" because ------- Daddy told me not to).

Submission has never been my strong suit. (Reference the last sentence in the previous paragraph!!!) When we went to pre-marriage counselling (a 12 week course - 13 for us), our pastor had to go over the chapter in submission TWICE, because I said I was not going to be some limp dish rag and let "That Man" make all of my decisions for me. Yes, can't you tell, I came of age in the '80s. That generation where we were told that we could have it all. We could bring home the bacon & fry it up in a pan --- remember the song & commercial???? We did not need a "federal head", we did not need to answer to anyone, we could be who we wanted to be, and YES I had bought into it - Hook, Line & Stinker. But, now I am twice the age I was then, I have had some lumps served to me on a less than silver platters and I have learned a thing or two from that. Who am I to question my hubby's decisions? Well, I guess I CAN question them - but, now I accept them. God gifted "That Man" to me and I can rest in that God wants me to honor Him by letting my hubby make those decisions. It has taken me 18 years to learn it - I must admit I am a slow learner.

Please, take the time to go see the Families against Feminism blog. Once there click on her BRILLIANT "Ruby Rebel" button and read that article. I tried to link to it ---- but, like I said, I am a slow learner. She says it so much more eloquently than I can.

God, thank you so much for my hubby. He has been such a blessing to me. Please, keep him safe as he rides the open road. Lord, thank you for showing me how important it is to submit to my husband's authority. How that boosts his spirit and encourages him to be a leader in our home. I heartily apologize for every time I have failed him in not honoring his decisions or questioning his authority. I never thought about it as not honoring or questioning Your authority - but that is precisely what I have done. Create in me a submissive and loving heart, one that will follow You.


Amy said...

Ouch, Jessa, ya gotta lay off the red ink. My eyes, my eyes!

What can you do when your hubby comes home with a motorcycle? Complain to the pastor? Associate pastor? Naaah, they're too busy riding their motorcycles! E. has a minibike. You think that will be enough for him? He has been looking into electric scooters.

I'm glad you're seeking the Lord and submitting to your hubby. E told me about your hubby's search for a helmet that would fit, too funny. He said the one he got was displayed on a watermelon. Imagine if he had hair!

Jessica said...

Hope this helps. Sorry for the eye strain.

Anonymous said...

mom the bike is cool and you know it!

The Sage Family said...

Crazy man .... now you've got a Crazy Cycle !!!! I'm thankful that my hubby sold his. I'll be praying for you!!!
I'd double check the life insurance policy. You may need to up the $$$. You know with inflation and all. :p