Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What an Opportunity

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Feminine Pursuits said...

Hi Jessica,
Just stopping in to answer your question about coconut oil. It does have a very very loooooong shelf life as long as you store it out of the sun and don't let it get terribly hot. Store it inside, and you should be fine. Getting a five gallon bucket is definitely more cost efficient! The best place I have found for taste and price is Mountain Rose Herbs. I have an affiliate banner up on my blog. If you are planning on ordering, it would be a great blessing to my family if you would consider ordering through my banner.

Coconut oil has so many different benefits! I use it in my baking instead of other oils or butter. You can also use it in your cooking in place of oil, but be aware it does have a mild coconut flavor that may not mix so well with savory dishes. It is not overpowering, so you may not even notice it. It is also great mixed into smoothies. I take a few tablespoons a day right off the spoon for energy and to help my sloooow metabolism. Be careful not to take it right before bedtime as it will most likely keep you awake for a while. It is a lovely replacement for coffee :)

Coconut oil is also great to use on your skin as a moisturizer, and also as a healer. I use it on diaper rashes, and also on abrasions and such as it is very healing. I even put some on the ends of my hair in the evening to condition them.

Coconut oil is also anti-fungal.

There are so many uses for coconut oil, you can google around to find more. One book that I have is Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon. She goes in depth about the nutrional benefits. It's a great read.

I hope that helps some.