Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spinning on the Crazy Cycle

Why is it, that the more I learn (on some things) the less in control I feel?
Is ignorance really bliss??? Please, say yes. (I know it's not ....BUT)

A group of friends and I have been discussing Coconut Oil. Now, I am a long time grain grinder, bread maker and wanna be health nut. BUT (Behold the Underlying Truth) I feel as though I am blowing in the wind. Lost in a whirl wind of info. In researching Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO), Unrefined CO, Refined CO, Hydrogenated CO, I found an article on soaking your grains. Something about phytic acid??? Well, I went to another reliable source for info on all things grain/bread related and she said it is no big deal. Well then, what about sprouting your grain, dehydrating it then grinding it and making your bread. AND - if water and heat are the two biggest enemies of nutrients in wheat/grain, then why do we even grind it and mix it with water and yeast and then bake it at 350 degrees???
When is enough, enough?? I try to do what is good and right for my family's (or is it families?)health, as much as I can or as much as they will allow.

It boggles the mind.

If you can share any info or can lead me in the right direction for proper info - PLEASE do so. I'm spinning here on the "Crazy Cycle".

One thing that I am not spinning on is, what an AWESOME God we serve. It is such an incredible blessing for Him to reveal Himself to us AND He does it in small increments. This posting started several weeks ago (I know - I edit myself too much) and I had included a part about how great God is, in that He gives to us Himself, in just the right amount. Now, that sounded way to deep for me and I deleted that part. Well, I attend the Ladies Sunday School class ( only every other month) and right there, God confirmed that what I thought was right. Our wonderful teacher shared just that same thing. But, who am I , that God would confirm to me, or that God would reveal Himself to me? I am so very unworthy, yet He does confirm, He does reveal, He does love - without measure!!!
This past week, He has shown Himself to me in ways I can not fathom. He is worthy of so much more than I can offer. Yet, all He requires is that I put Him first. First, before myself, family, gardening, educating, blogging, eating, reading, cooking, first thing in the morning (that He created), first thing before I speak (OK, I have a hard time with that one - pray for me), first before EVERYTHING.

Lord, thank you for showing Yourself to me. Thank you for loving me so much, that You gave of Yourself to me. Thank you, for knowing exactly what I need and just when I need it and in just the right amount. Thank you for not overwhelming me with ALL of YOU, but that You gently, carefully, lovingly help me along. Father, help me to emulate that with my family, that I treat them as carefully, lovingly and as gently as You have been to me. As I start each new day, assist me in not leaving Your side. You have NEVER strayed away from me, it is I who distances myself away from You. Draw me closer and closer each day to You.


Amy said...

Hi Jess,
I thought I was the only one that was getting brain overload with this stuff! Thanks for sharing.

My word of [cough] wisdom? A lot of good things try to get in the way of the best things. Some things are wonderful in theory, but put in practice with busy family life and they can get insane. For example: If I spend 3 hours shopping, trying to find the best deals on the healthiest food I can stand, I get so tired I serve chicken nuggets and tatertots, instead of a nutritionally decent meal. For me, if I do too much baking, I get short tempered with the kiddos.

I also have to wonder how much of this stuff is promoted indirectly by satan to overwork us, distract us, make us feel as if we are not doing enough. There's more than one way to keep up with the joneses. And everybody is trying to sell something. And we are all at different stages of life. Sometimes I am blown away with the thought that if I can do this (whatever) now, imagine what I'll be able to do when the kids are grown. Not that I can't wait to get them out of the house, rather it reminds me that a lot of stuff can be put off until the right time.

And you are so right- God is awesome! I'm working on a post about this. Let me just say "more & more".
Oh, and wasn't it you that told me to only do what I could? Not to stress about the rest.

JAN said...

I love what Amy said about there being more than one way to keep up with the Joneses. Too true.
I'm on a spin cycle regarding all this as well. It's almost like you need to be a rocket scientist just to feed your family "correctly".
I've finally decided to follow "Bob's" advice,(did you ever see the movie called What About Bob?) and just take "baby steps." We're not going to live forever no matter what we eat or don't eat anyway!
And you're right: We do serve an AWESOME God!