Monday, July 14, 2008

Caring for Your Grain Mill

Guest post by Amy of Sonshine Cottage:
Making bread in your grain mill!

This is the Sonshine Cottage man, who has undertaken to fix some of Jessica's appliances. Did you know that mills suck air for cooling and if that air is full of flour, it can build up a substatial amount of flour in the housing around the motor? See above picture.

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Amy said...

Wow, not much of a guest post. Jess and I used this brief and humerous bit to show Jess how to post a picture ( of my funny and fabulous man, taken by her lovely daughter)and how to make a link.

We also discovered that girlfriend had worn a hole through the mill's housing causing all the flour to go into the motor area. She ground so much wheat that the grain wore through the plastic. So it wasn't complete operator error. :-)

The sonshine cottage man still suggests that you check your appliances to make sure they are getting enough air flow and aren't filling up with dust or flour.

We had a blast at your home.