Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am just being too Negative.......

OK, we have decided that I have a problem - well, all right, more than just one, but that is beside the point. I somehow contain some kind of negatively charged ion field around me. Things just break down when I am either around or using them. Now, truth be told, my hubby (jokingly - I think) says that it is "Operator Error" and I will give him that on many occasions - BUT NOT EVERY TIME!!!! I was trying to find some pint canning jars on "Craigs List" and the laptop crashes, I was ripping a piece of wood on the table saw --- and ran the hand guard into the blade about 1/2 inch -- the room got hazy and I panicked and turned off the saw, I was milling wheat and the mill slowly grinds to a halt, I was making bread in the Kitchen Aid and it died ---- Perhaps I should not do so much. If I sit around eating bonbons, painting my toe nails (which really need doing) and reading cook books none of these things would happen. Neither would the little projects that I do.

Enter Sonshine Cottage Man (SCM). The Master Mister Fixer!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I do have a Mister Fixer of my own, BUT hubby has been working a lot of overtime and volunteers with the local fire department and well, my pile has been growing.

OK - I left the computer for just a moment and I lost half of my post - what happened??? See what I mean --- these things just happen to me - I even clicked on the "save now" button - OY - And, I did not turn off the computer - just closed the laptop to get a box for a berry customer. I had come up with some really witty stuff and of course since I typed it out it was no longer necessary for me to file it in my brain (OK - my half a brain) so it is all gone. :o{

Oh, I remember some of it -- The fact that for 8 out of 11 years during our stint in owning a bakery, I manufactured around 300#'s of freshly milled whole wheat bread dough, loads of whole wheat cookies, muffins, scones, croissant and brownies (you get the picture) each week, I am entitled for things to wear out. Perhaps, considering the volume we did, I am indeed fortunate to only wear out 2 mills and 1 Kitchen Aid.

Anyway, Thank you to the whole Sonshine Cottage family, Momma, Poppa, "little" SCM and little Sister. You all have blessed this family in ways you will never know. Come over anytime for lunch - but, SCM - remember to always bring your tools, you never know what else I have wrecked.


Amy said...

You are too kind! Quid pro quo. (Hmm hope that means what I think it means) I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine; one turn deserves another, yadda yadda yadda.

SCM will work for food or good fun, and he had both.

BTW, I'm glad it was only the hand guard that got cut with the blade!

Jessica said...

I'll second that about the blade - it has happened with that same table saw - just glad it wasn't me. Better the guard than MY hand.