Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

OK. So, I'll be 40 this year.
No big deal.
I have no preconceived notions about aging.
Does the rose complain because it withers on the vine?
No, it is only making room for others to bloom after it is gone.
I have a healthy outlook on aging and I do not believe that I am all that old. No matter what my kids may say !!! Mind over matter and all that jazz. But, for the last 7 weeks I have been having these heart flutters or hiccups. I gave it my customary 2 week waiting period, actually, 3 weeks and hubby INSISTED that I go see a Dr.
Well, I go. Get blood work done - that, I found out all was normal - at least something with me is normal. The Dr. sent me to the Cardiologist for an "Event Monitor". So I had these two snaps stuck to my chest and every time I have an "Event" I must push a button. After 5 events, I have to call and download the machine. You see, once it is full (5 episodes) it can not record any more. Well, day 5, I called around 11:00am to download, and no one called me back. So, once 5:15 rolled around, I called the after hours/weekend/Holiday number, they quickly respond to me and I download and go on with my day. Day 6, I had had an "Event-full" day. Yes, I have been fluttering all over the place and have been waiting 2 hours to download my last set of episodes. I have left 2 messages. I am trying to remain calm, cool and collected. The young lady with whom I am to talk to is a very sweet girl. She is a working mother trying to keep it all pulled together, BUT this is her job and I am getting frustrated because she is not doing her job.

With all that said, I get the call from the Dr.s office - 20 days after the a fore mentioned days. They say only a few of the "Events" that I recorded were of any significance or seemed dangerous and that I should go on with my life.

Skreeetch--------Whadda mean???
Only a few of them "seemed dangerous". I told her that I was still having the same symptoms, not as frequently as I was, but they are still there. I was told that if I had any further concerns to follow up. With whom??? The same Dr.??? I don't think so. Hubby thinks that I should see a specialist. He hasn't said I HAVE to go (yet). Yes, you know my issues with submission.

Stop. Pause. Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Now, I am going to remember to put God first in this.
I am praying for direction -
I have already started to TRY to loose some weight (Thanks Amy, for the inspiration dress), eat better (no sweets after my coffee in the AM), exercise more (well, at least I am in the garden more - that counts, doesn't it???). I am drinking 1/2 caff. coffee - 2 or 3 cups (Thanks MOM - She gifted me 1 1/2#'s of Gevalia 1/2 caff) drinking more water, juicing more, eating more yogurt (plain) and using less sugar.

I know that God has a purpose in my having these flutters or hiccups in my heart. I am waiting for Him to reveal what that purpose is.

Oops, there goes a flutter now.

Well, I must be off. I've got my MIL coming tomorrow and a party to prepare for - will post on the partay prep. on
We're Livin' the Happy Life, when I get the chance. And I will try to take some pic's and post them too.

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